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Commencing art dump

2010-12-14 01:36:55 by CptBeefcake

stay posted

Commencing art dump


2010-09-01 02:38:30 by CptBeefcake

I decided to set up a blog, and I've been ignoring newgrounds anyway so why not. Check it out, it's basically my online sketchbook. Also I've been holding a bunch of sketches and artworks over the summer to post here, scanning them all is going to be a bitch.

Also if there's anyone here who remembered my attempts at animation, I decided to try and finish that thing i started (2-3?) years ago. Sometime in the next month. it's easier if I keep my promises loose



2010-03-06 15:24:10 by CptBeefcake

For anyone who was looking at my art here's the black and white photo I took for my scratchboard drawing. Nothing else to say so, enjoy


It was great even if the audience did a horrible job of following instructions. I kind of feel that to really see everything it might have better to watch it on tv :P

anyway, enjoy the olympics

Internet Names!

2010-01-11 02:19:38 by CptBeefcake

I've seen a bunch of awesome and fun internet names out there, and I don't have a very clear idea of what I want mine to be. Captain Beefcake is fine, but its not an original name (anyone played "Sway" on an iPhone?). So I was thinking that I'd send out a random news post asking for anyone to give a great idea for a name. I've had a few ideas over the months but nothing has really stuck, so fire away! It's not as if any of these names are going to be original ideas from me, but I don't care that much.

I also was thinking of studio names, but thats even harder. I was trying to find an equilibrium between something fun and professional. I love The Behemoth, and I think its an awesome name. At one time I was inspired to just be "Woolly Mammoth," but there was no way that was happening. Sometimes it just looks like you're trying too hard to be funny and individual and the name falls flat.

I already have a logo animation for "amateur flash" but that was just for learning. It would be stupid to keep the title of amateur on for a studio name. Besides, I already have an idea for a new logo animation that would be better, I just need a name.

Thanks for the help! but I doubt this will get much of a response...

P.S. the name below was one I did for fun, this won't be one I use though

Internet Names!

Scout help

2009-10-06 16:17:56 by CptBeefcake

I'm hoping to be rescouted, check out my work if you want.

worked a bit more on the new flash I'm making; nowhere near complete though. about 800 frames so far, had a little trouble with a smoke loop.

finished a cool preloader with some art I had in the portal

Scout help

Scout Me!

2009-09-06 21:38:32 by CptBeefcake

something happened and I'm no longer scouted

everything is good


2009-09-01 04:27:47 by CptBeefcake

Coming Soon

Top artist on newgrounds?

2009-07-11 04:20:26 by CptBeefcake

Obviously I'm not, thinking that would be naive and stupid, but apparently my art holds the top two spots for highest rated works of all time! Yet they only have about 10 ratings each which is pretty unfair to the newgrounds community. I definitely am not the most accomplished or best artist on newgrounds, most of the time I look at works and can only stare at how great they are.
I think the Art Portal has some balance issues with the voting system.

It would help if there was best daily or weekly so that art which has faded to the back can resurface for others to see, instead we are constantly viewing the latest garbage. That way when an artwork is put to the back it can still come back into focus instead of being stuck on the page 175 of the art portal. I love some of the art in the portal, and I would like to see them above mine where they really belong.

New Animation

2009-07-09 20:40:45 by CptBeefcake

I just put out my first animation, which matches my art, and I wanted to spread the word.
Check it out -BAM- here
I'm starting a new one, and now that I'm an "artist" (thanks newgrounds I didn't know) I thought I'd put this up on the artist posting board. I have a good idea and I'm going to make it at least 2 minutes if I can, which may seem short, but at the level of detail I'm thinking of this is probably going to be insane.

Also check out my art! no one looks at that crap once you're off the front page.

p.s check out a forum topic I posted entitled "serious help required"; I need some help with my new animation and it would be great if you could offer some advice in the forums, I'm not going to bother rewriting it here.